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ZuluTrade ReviewWhile it is true that trading in the foreign currency markets can be extremely profitable, it is also true that a single bad trade can result in heavy losses and deplete your investment capital completely. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why most people shy away from Forex trading, because they simply do not have the confidence to place winning trades. Confidence in Forex trading usually comes from having expert knowledge about currency markets and the various criteria that could impact the prices of foreign exchange. However, Zulu Trade has changed all this, thanks to the ZuluTrade platform that has comes as very good news for forex investors.

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Understanding Zulu Trade

Zulu Trade is the name of a financial services firm that has a unique auto-trading platform known by the same name. The Zulu Trade service can be used by investors for automatic trading in the foreign exchange market. While there are different types of software available online that help investors to trade in foreign currency, most of this software requires the investors to create their own strategies and place their own trades. However, if you use the Zulu Trade service and connect your forex trading account to it, different types of trades will be carried out automatically in your account, so as to maximise profits for your investments.

Zulu Trade

In order to use Zulu Trade, you have to give the number of your trading account to the company. This trading account will most likely be held at a brokerage firm. If you are just starting to trade in the Forex market and do not have a trading account yet, you can choose any of the brokerage firms supported by Zulu Trade to open your forex trading account. It is important to note that Zulu Trade will be acting as your Referring Broker. Hence, if you already have another Referring Broker on your trading account, you may not be able to link that particular account with Zulu Trade and may have to open a new one. Once you provide the required details, your forex trading account will then be linked with the Zulu Trade service and automatic trades will be placed for you, as per the advice of the Signal Providers that you have subscribed to.

The Signal Providers are real traders who trade in the foreign exchange market. These traders make sure that they monitor the forex market constantly so that even the slightest dip or rise in currency prices can be used to return a profitable trade. These traders also have expert knowledge about the Forex market, which holds them in good stead as to their investment strategies and decisions. When you sign up for the Zulu Trade service, you will be provided automatic access to thousands of such Signal Providers from across the world. You can then analyse the performances of different Signal Providers and then select those who are making profits from foreign exchange trading.

Once you have subscribed to one or more Signal Providers, your Zulu Trade service kicks in and will auto trade on your behalf. The various Signal Providers never have any knowledge about the different investors who may be using their advice for Forex trading. If a signal provider recommends a particular trade, Zulu Trade first checks to see whether or not you have chosen that signal provider in your account. If you have subscribed to that particular signal provider, Zulu Trade will use their recommendation and place the appropriate trade on your behalf. Your Zulu Trade account is linked with your live trading account, which makes it possible to place automatic trades.

Why Use Zulu Trade?

Here are some of the advantages of using an auto-trading platform such as the one that is provided by Zulu Trade:

  • Freedom from the hassles of independent trading: Trading in the forex market on your own can be quite a stressful business. Not only do you need to know exactly what you are doing, but you will also have to monitor your trades constantly. This means you will be relegated to your computer all day long, so that you do not miss out on the perfect moments to start or end a particular trade. However, by using the Zulu Trade auto-trading platform, you will not have to deal with such hassles anymore. All you need to do is subscribe to those signal providers who seem the most promising to you and then let Zulu Trade handle the rest.
  • Benefit from the expert advice of the signal providers: The traders that Zulu Trade chooses to act as signal providers on their platform have years of experience in the forex market. They are able to devise strategies that can consistently deliver good results, while keeping the risks to a minimum. By opting for the Zulu Trade service, you can benefit from the advice and recommendations given by the signal providers, without having to pay any money for using the service.

Zulu Trade thus makes it easy and convenient for forex investors to trade in the foreign exchange market. Since it is an automated service, it takes away the possibility of making wrong decisions based on emotions.