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Forex trading has quickly become a popular investment avenue, because instead of your investments being detrimentally affected by changes in global markets, and having your money subjected to international whims, you are able to turn those changes to your advantage and regain control of your investments. Trading on the foreign exchange market allows you to start to benefit from movements in global markets and economies, but as with any investment, you need to make sure you act on the best advice, and Forex TG is a company which has built its reputation on the best advice.

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Who is FXTG?

The Forex TG company was founded when a group of entrepreneurs and foreign exchange dealers combined their online and offline trading experience to help others successfully navigate the foreign exchange market. Since their inception, the company has been dedicated to providing the most honest, professional and valuable services to clients. A primary focus of Forex TG is to maintain integrity, because they know that they need to be trustworthy, and have the results and track record to back it up, before you’re willing to hand over your hard earned investment dollars.

Forex TG is able to offer you a superior foreign exchange market trading experience because they set the highest attainable goals, to ensure that they are well on track to become the world’s leading independent commercial foreign exchange company, and that you receive the highest level of professional, and affordable services.

Plus, because foreign exchange market trades work best by taking advantage of the subtle yet immediate changes to markets around the world, the Forex TG dealing room is open 24 hours a day, six days a week. The customer service division also offers multilingual services so that whether you are travelling, or you want to take advantage of the time differences and trade on markets which are still open around the world, you can call Forex TG at almost any time.

The Forex TG service is also commission free, and offers you tight pip spreads, with real time online market prices. FTG also has a strong relationship with leading banks all over the world, so that you can get the most competitive rates. You’ll also be using the Meta Trader 4 online trading platform, which is a world leading product, as it is the most advanced, developed and user friendly platform. The Forex TG website is regularly updated with unique daily and weekly market tips and advice, so that you have access to up to date information at all times. in the 24 hour trading room, you can exchange ideas and strategies with other clients, as well as seek advice from the affiliated online experts of Forex TG.

With Forex TG you can trade via download, online, one you mobile or over the phone. As you become more experienced and successful, you may also want to take advantage of one of the Forex TG affiliate programs as an affiliate, independent broker, money manager or white label. You will then receive competitive commissions and tailored, unique support.

Benefits of trading with FXTG

There are a number of Forex trading companies and platforms out there which you can choose from, so what benefits can you enjoy if you choose to go with Forex TG? Forex TG is dedicated to providing each and every one of its traders with a VIP level of treatment. This includes highly professional customer service 24 hours a day, six days a week, plus, a round the clock dealing room with a team which is focussed on meeting your every trading need.

Forex TG has also worked hard to create the most highly specialised and dedicated team to help make you the best and most informed trader possible. When it comes to making your trades you will be using a world leading platform, the Mega Trader 4. In addition to using a premier trading platform, you can access online trading courses specialised in the foreign exchange market, as Forex TG has created education programs through affiliate leading education systems.

The result of all of this experience and expertise is that when you trade with Forex TG you have all the benefits and advantages you need to excel in the foreign exchange market such as:

  • Offer a 1 pip fixed spread on majors.
  • FXTG can also offer a protected account where money lost does not come off the account, yet money gained is retained by the client.
  • Tight and reliable, instantly tradable streaming rates.
  • High leverage at a 1:300 ratio.
  • You can start trading with just USD $1,000 to open a live account.
  • You use a secure online payment system.
  • You can choose to trade in over 50 currency pairs.
  • You won’t pay any commissions or hidden costs to Forex TG.
  • You’ll have guaranteed stop losses.
  • You can use a free demo account and to trade with USD $100,000.
  • You can use mobile trading systems.
  • Forex TG is continually expanding their product base.
  • Access to advanced charting and technical indicators.
  • The ability to review daily market analysis.

Forex TG Services

If Forex TG sounds like a Forex trading company you’d like to work with for your investments, then you will want to find out exactly what services they offer, and whether they meet your needs and investment goals:

  • The learning centre. When you work with Forex TG you will have access to their learning and education centre. This means that no matter how much, or how little, you know about trading on the foreign exchange market, you can find help with understanding basic Forex calculations, trading tips, technical analysis and right up to fundamental analysis and more complex concepts. The Forex TG learning centre educates you on all the necessary trading terms and useful tips you will need to succeed.
  • Daily market analysis. With your daily market analysis you will be able to view expert market commentary on daily events and view information such as support and resistance levels, technical analysis and fundamental performances.
  • Economic calendar. Using the Forex TG economic calendar you can stay in touch with world news, fundamental analysis, forecasts and actual releases. The economic calendar gives you a full indication of all future economic releases, as well as expert opinions on the importance of the releases, and the potential effects on world markets.
  • World interest rates. It is also important to know the interest rate of the country whose currency you are trading in, as this helps you understand the roll over calculations, and the Forex TG world interest rates keep you up to date.
  • Mobile trading. You can access your Forex TG account directly from your smart phone for free. This means you can view your trades at any time, from anywhere, as well as access information on live rates, actual positions, view your statement, set limits and make trades.
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