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24option ReviewFor those interested in trading Forex binary options, an extremely easy-to-use website, 24option.com offers binary option trading for many indices, major international commodities and stocks. Those that are new to binary trading, we will begin with a brief introduction in the world of Forex binary options.

Binary Basics

A binary option is briefly described as an all-or-nothing trade. In traditional market trading, assets are bought and sold, each of the sales incrementally earning the trader an amount of money equal to the difference between the purchase and sale price.

In a binary option, rather than earnings based on the amount of movement of an asset, earnings are reaped on the direction of movement. Instead of owning an asset and selling it to make money, the purchaser reserves the right, with an investment, to a fixed return amount based on the performance of an asset.

In short, if you bet that an asset will improve and it does, you earn a flat amount, regardless of amount of improvement. At 24option.com, up to an 85% return can be earned from a single successful trade option. If you invest $100, a successful option earns you $185! That’s a great investment!

24 Option

Types of Binary Options

24option.com offers three unique types of binary option trades. We will briefly discuss each type and how to use each.


In a high/low option the purchaser is betting on whether a specified asset will achieve a higher or lower price than the target.

In a high option trade, you are betting that at the end of the specified duration the chosen asset will be higher than the target price.

In a low option trade, the converse is true. You are betting that the current price of the asset will be lower than the target price at the end of the option duration.

One Touch

A one touch option requires that the purchaser decide whether a given asset will touch or no touch a target threshold over the option duration.

A touch option declares that the purchaser believes that the asset will at least touch the target price at least once for a payout to be given.

In a no touch option, the purchaser declares that the asset won’t touch the target price for the option duration. If the asset never reaches the target a payout will be given in this scenario.


A boundary option trade implies that the price of a given asset will remain within a range of two prices by the end of the option duration.

An in boundary option pays a fixed amount to the purchaser should the given asset stay within a range of upper and lower limits at the end of the period.

An out boundary option pays a fixed amount to the purchaser if by the end of the option duration the price has fallen outside of either the upper or lower limit of the target range.

Asset Table

24option.com offers a wide range of assets listed on the asset table of the website. The website also plans to offer more assets in the future. With an already robust table of assets and more assets on the way, this website is a very compelling place to trade for options.

The current list of assets available is:


  • DAX-30
  • Nasdaq Composite
  • FTSE-100
  • IBEX-35
  • Dow Jones


  • Gold
  • Silver

Currency Pairs:

  • Euro-Dollar
  • Pound-Dollar
  • Euro-Yen
  • Dollar-Yen
  • Pound-Yen
  • Pound-Euro
  • Euro-Pound
  • Australian Dollar-USD
  • USD-Canadian Dollar


  • British Petroleum PLC (BP)
  • Vodafone
  • Barclays PLC
  • Telefonica SA
  • Apple Inc
  • Lloyds
  • Google Inc


Many brokers offering binary options do not come with such a variety of trade-able stocks. What this list means is that you can purchase binary options on the performance of the AUD-USD currency pair along with the options against Google Inc. Using a broker is likely to be more limiting and expensive- no broker is willing to offer an 85% return on investment, either.

With such wide variety of assets available for trade, each with its own contract details and trading hours, one is sure to find the right binary option suited for heavy returns.

24option.com is easily considered one of the best ways to trade binary options. Cutting out having to pay a broker to make binary option trades means that you, as the investor, sees higher returns on successful binary options. Not to mention the wide variety of assets available for investment means that you are not confined to one type of asset.

Hop on 24option.com, sign up for an account, it’s fast and easy, and start trading binary options at up to an 85% return!

24Option Return rates – 89%-310% verified

What makes 24Option outstanding is their high profit payout up to 310%, generous bonuses, real quotes trading, high limits, a variety of profitable option types, extensive educational resources, excellent customer support, a user friendly website and trading platform, mobile support and the demo account.
As the rest of this review will show, 24Option is one of the world’s leading binary options platforms and they truly provide the tools and technology to help traders achieve financial freedom.

24Option platform

24Option is an online based platform that makes it possible to trade from anywhere in the world provided one has access to a computer with internet connection. In line with the company’s mission to provide the most user friendly trading experience, the platform is easy to understand and easy to use even for newbie traders. The high limits and high profit payout maximizes profitability for traders.
24Option aims to provide its traders with the most user friendly platform for successful and profitable binary options trading. They provide advanced technology and expert support so traders can invest with confidence.
24Option offers a demo account that traders can access once they make a minimum deposit. This together with the extensive learning resources including guides, video tutorials, and manuals make it easy for new traders to learn binary trading and become successful traders.
High limits and high profit payouts maximize profitability for their traders. When options expire “ in the money’’, traders can earn up to 89% of their total investment. There is also the option to close an option before it reaches the expiry time, which enables traders to minimize losses.
24Option supports a variety of underlying assets including currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. Supported binary option strategies include high/low, boundary, one touch, high yield and 60 second options.
It is clear from this review that 24Option strives to offer the best trading experience, provide the best financial information and the infrastructure to support successful and profitable trading for its traders.

24Option Ease of Use

24Otion accomplishes its mission to provide an easy to understand and easy to use binary trading platform. They have an intuitive website and platform that ensure an easy and enjoyable trading experience even for new traders. They present everything in a simple layout that is easy to figure out and there is no complicated software to download and install.
In addition to this, they provide extensive education including video guides, a binary options eBook and a trading manual. They are committed to educating their traders to make them knowledgeable and successful traders.

Customer Service

Trader satisfaction being their number one priority, they strive to offer the highest level of customer service. The company has a dedicated trader support team that is made up of industry experts ready and willing to share their knowledge and help traders make the most out of their trades.
There are different ways to contact their support team including live chat, email support and phone support with 13 international phone numbers and foreign languages support. This way, support is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Their customer service can be rated as professional, responsive and satisfactory.

Final Conclusion

24Option is truly one of the best binary trading platforms available and it suits traders in all levels. New traders will benefit from the extensive educational resources, user friendly features and the demo account while advanced traders will find that the 24Option VIP program has everything they need. All traders will love the high payouts, fantastic customer support, intuitive platform and a variety of options making it a flexible trading platform that offers maximum profitability.

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