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About Us

Forex Brokers Limited was incorporated in August 1995 with the goal of providing a higher standard of service delivery than was prevalent in the market. At the time, it was evident that banks were only providing preferential exchange rates and services to larger entities, while small and medium sized businesses were essentially subsidising this arrangement with very poor rates.

Our main objective then as it still is today, is to offer businesses (of all sizes) and individuals the sharpest commercial foreign exchange rates available. This coupled together with personalised service, is still our greatest motivation today.

We are going from strength to strength and continue to build a very solid and loyal client base.

Message from Our Managing Director

The foreign currency market is extremely fast paced and sometimes quite volatile.

Since starting Forex Brokers 20 years ago, I have developed numerous long standing relationships with my customers. I have over 20 years experience in the foreign currency industry and will combine this experience with an extremely high level of business integrity and customer service to assist you in achieving the most favourable outcome possible with your foreign currency exposure.

I would like the opportunity to partner with you to professionally manage your forex needs. Feel free to contact me to discuss your particular requirements.

- Russell Maher


  Highly competitive, consistent exchange rates     and genuine savings;
  Substantial experience;
  Low fees on bank drafts and TTs;
  Advice on strategy enabling you to achieve more     favourable results;
  Transactions on a one off or ongoing basis with     no minimum amounts;
  Our no obligation quotes are valid for 10 minutes     allowing you to make on the spot comparisons.
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